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Charis Elisabeth Shrader (born June 25, 2011) is the seventh child and third daughter of John Shrader and Esther Shrader.

She is the sister of Enoch Shrader, Alatheia Shrader, Timothy Shrader, Nehemiah Shrader, Agape Shrader, Elijah Shrader, Sophia Shrader, Stephen Shrader, Isaiah Shrader, Caleb Shrader, and Joseph Shrader. She will be the sister of Baby Shrader.

Early life

Charis Elisabeth Shrader was born on June 25, 2011, in The Dalles, Oregon, to John Shrader and Esther Shrader. She was the couple's seventh child, and they went on to have six more children after her.

Along with her siblings, Charis is currently being homeschooled.

Her family previously lived in Katy, Texas and in Brewster, Washington. They have since traveled the United States in a pop-up camper. They still live in Zambia.



Charis works as a missionary with her family in Kafue, Zambia.