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Counting On, originally named Jill and Jessa: Counting on, is an American reality show, a spin-off from 19 Kids and Counting.

The show focuses on the family lives of Jessa and Ben Seewald, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth, John-David and Abbie Duggar, Joseph and Kendra Duggar and Josiah and Lauren Duggar. There are occasionally appearances by both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar as well as the rest of the Duggar klan. The show was created in the wake of the Joshua Duggar scandal and subsequent cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.

The show follows the lives of the older Duggar children, with the early episodes focusing specifically on Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. After its first season, the show expanded to include the rest of the Duggar children and their respective families.

After being on a nine months hiatus, only airing short specials, the show was officially canceled in June 2021, after Josh's arrest.



Season 1

No. in season Title Original air date
1 A New Chapter December 13, 2015
A series following the lives of Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald as the two Duggar sisters adjust to new surroundings, marriage and parenthood. In the premiere, Jill and Derick prepare for a move to Central America with their 6-month-old son, Israel, while Jessa and Ben get ready to welcome their first baby.
2 Baby Shower and a New Home December 20, 2015
A baby-food competition is planned by Ben to coincide with Jessa's coed baby shower, while Jill and Derick say goodbye to family and friends before they leave for their new life in Central America. Also: an interview with Anna Duggar.
Counting One More December 27, 2015
Jessa and Ben have dinner with friends who have been through the adoption process; while Miss Cathy spends time with Jill and Derick in Central America. New parents Ben and Jessa celebrate the birth of their baby boy.

Season 2

No. in season Title Original air date
1 At Home and Away March 15, 2016
Ben and Jessa adjust to parenthood. Anna heads to visit Josh with Meredith. The family has a fall feast.
2 Date Nights And Bright Lighs March 22, 2016
Jana and the boys add lights to Ben and Jessa's house. Ben and Jessa go on their first date after baby. Joy heads to get new glasses.
3 Jinger Flips March 29, 2016
Jinger flips her first car. Jana, Anna and Jessa have a girls date with Meredith. Jana comes up with a plan to get the little kids outside during spring/summer months.
4 Surprise! April 5, 2016
Jinger prepares for a photo shoot. Joy helps plan a baby shower. The older girls go shopping for the tree house. Jim Bob and Michelle visit Jill, Derick and Israel in Central America.
5 Ben Drops Beats hard April 12, 2016
The family keeps working on the treehouse. Ben and Jessa head to meet Flame where Ben gets to record a song.
6 Girls Hit the Road jack April 19, 2016
The girls load up for a weekend gateway right. The treehouse is ready for the little kids.
7 Family Reunion April 26, 2016
Ben and Jessa get ready for the Centeral America trip with a few of Jessa's siblings.
8 Israel Meets Spurgeon May 3, 2016
Spurgeon gets to meet his cousin, Israel, for the first time. The girls attend a women's conference while the boys enjoy soccer.

Season 3

No. in season Title Original air date
1 A Courtship Begins August 23, 2016
Mission work continues for Jill and Derick in Central America; Jessa and Ben talk about their growing family; and Jinger shares big news about her future.
2 It's official! August 30, 2016
Jeremy has his first meal with the family, and Jinger taps Jill and Derick for courtship advice. Meanwhile, Ben and Jessa talk about his plan for youth outreach; and the older Duggar siblings take wilderness survival training.
2 Duggars in the Wild September 6, 2016
Wilderness training continues for the Duggar siblings following a frightening encounter with a nocturnal visitor. Meanwhile, Jill and Derick celebrate their second anniversary; and Jessa and Ben are amazed by how fast Spurgeon is growing.
4 Meet the Parents September 13, 2016
Jinger, accompanied by Jim Bob and Michelle, heads to Laredo, Texas to meet Jeremy's parents for the first time. Will she meet with their approval? Meanwhile, back home, Joy gets her first flying lesson and Jana plans a graduation party for 3 siblings.
5 A Big Surprise September 20, 2016
Jeremy takes a secret trip to Arkansas, where he and Ben browse for engagement rings before surprising Jinger. Later, Jessa and Ben introduce rapper Flame to the Duggar clan.
6 The Big Event September 27, 2016
Ben hosts a youth football camp with a group of former NFL players. Meanwhile, Jana hatches a plan to redecorate the guesthouse Jill and Derick will be staying in when they return from Central America. Jinger and Jeremy plan a special trip to NYC.
7 Guys' Guide to Courting October 4, 2016
Jinger, Jeremy, and chaperones go on a whirlwind trip to see his family and friends. Will delayed flights ruin a big surprise Jeremy has planned? And we take a look back at past Duggar courtships and hear the guys' tips for a successful relationship.
8 Proposal in the City October 11, 2016
Jinger, Michelle, Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon are all in the northeast meeting some of Jeremy's family & friends and visiting his old stomping grounds. Little does Jinger know, Jeremy has an important question he plans to ask before the trip is over!
9 Jessa's Announcement October 18, 2016
Jinger & Jeremy celebrate their engagement in NYC. Meanwhile, Jill & Derick wrap up their mission work in Central America and are greeted with a big surprise party in Arkansas, but in the end, Jessa & Ben have an even bigger surprise of their own.
10 The After Show October 25, 2016
The family comes together to relive some of the most memorable moments from season 2. Plus, before the reunion is over, there is a surprise guest in store for the cast.
11 Duggars at the Altar November 1, 2016
Take a look back at the Duggar daughter marriages! In two super-sized weddings, Jill and Jessa walked down the aisle just months apart, Jill with Derick and Jessa with Ben. Relive each ceremony and first kisses!
12 Courting Jinger November 8, 2016
The big day is almost here! Count down to Jinger's wedding with a look back at the special place she's held in the Duggar household.
13 Jinger's Wedding November 15, 2016
After months of anticipation, Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding day has finally arrived! Take a first look at this special day as Jinger walks down the aisle to become Mrs. Vuolo.

Season 4

No. in season Title Original air date
1 The Jinger Gown January 16, 2017
Jinger said yes to marrying Jeremy and now it's time to start planning for the big day, which is just 3 months away! The family takes a trip to DC to find Jinger's perfect dress. But with more options than imagined, will she find her dream dress?
2 Could it be Twins? January 23, 2017
Jessa and Ben listen to the heartbeat of Baby #2, which makes them wonder if it's twins. They travel to see friend Flame in concert, and Ben takes center stage. Jinger continues with wedding planning and finalizes important details.
3 Bachelor Pad Makeover January 30, 2017
Jinger and some of her siblings travel to Laredo to give Jeremy's bachelor pad a makeover. When opinions clash, will they be able to come to a decorating decision? Derick, Jill and Israel get some surprising news at their family wellness check-up.
4 The Bachelor Party February 6, 2017
After weeks of wedding planning, it’s time to celebrate Jinger and Jeremy with a Bachelor and Bachelorette weekend full of friends and family. Jessa and Ben find out the gender of Baby #2. Derick returns to OSU to reprise his role as Pistol Pete.
5 All About Jinger February 13, 2017
Jinger packs for her move to Texas, which includes a surprise gift from her family. She, Jeremy & Jedidiah drive to her future home in Laredo. As they anticipate her big move, the siblings take a trip down memory lane remembering Jinger through the years.
6 The Big Day February 20, 2017
After months of planning, Jinger's wedding day is here! The final details from dress fittings to surprise decorations are put into place and family and friends come together to celebrate Jinger and Jeremy as they become Mr. and Mrs. Vuolo.
7 A Honeymoon & a Courtship February 27, 2017
Jinger and Jeremy have said "I do", and now the newlyweds finally get to enjoy some alone time. Mr. and Mrs. Vuolo head down under for their honeymoon in Australia. Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, another Duggar enters a courtship.

Season 5

No. in season Title Original air date
1 Joy's Wedding June 12, 2017
In the season premiere, Joy and Austin's wedding day finally arrives; and another Duggar reveals a surprise that leaves the guests in shock.
2 Triple Date Night June 12, 2017
Ben, Derick and Austin enjoy an afternoon at a trampoline park while Jessa, Jill and Joy shop for the perfect date night outfit. Jill and Derick share some big news with Israel. Meanwhile in Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy settle into married life.
3 Spurgeon's First Birthday June 19, 2017
Spurgeon's first birthday brings the family together for a celebration. Meanwhile, Joy and Austin work on a house-flipping project; and in Laredo, things heat up in the kitchen with Jinger and Jeremy.
4 A New Baby June 26, 2017
Jessa's due date is near, so family and friends help the Seewalds prepare for the new baby. Meanwhile, Joy and Austin's house-flipping project continues; and Austin asks Jim Bob an important question.
5 A Boy or Girl for Jill? July 3, 2017
The Seewalds are adjusting to being a family of four. In Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy learn Spanish and test their skills at a local restaurant. Meanwhile, Joy enjoys dinner with Austin's family. Then the Dillards reveal the gender of baby number two!
6 Joy Gets Engaged July 10, 2017
The Dillards prepare for their return to Central America; Jinger puts together a care package for her family back in Arkansas; Austin asks Joy a very important question; Joseph asks for permission to enter courtship with Kendra Caldwell.
7 The After Show Part 1 July 17, 2017
In part one of the two-part After Show special, host Daphne Oz digs a little deeper into some of last season's biggest moments; including courtships, weddings, babies, and some insight on what is going on behind the scenes.
8 The After Show Part 2 July 24, 2017
In part two of the two-part After Show special, host Daphne Oz gets the Duggars' reaction to some of the biggest moments of last season, and the happy couples square off in a round of "The Couples Showdown". Stay tuned for a special guest or two!

Season 6

No. in season Title Original air date
1 A New Courtship September 11, 2017
The Seewalds and Vuolos meet up in San Antonio and take a stroll down memory lane. Joy begins her wedding planning with a walk through of the venue. The Dillards get settled in Central America and Joseph asks Kendra an important question.
2 Let Them Eat Cake September 18, 2017
Wedding planning continues, as Joy tastes cake with Austin and shops for bridesmaid dresses. Joseph and Kendra enjoy a rollerblading date. The Vuolos take a cooking class together in Laredo, and renovations begin on Joy and Austin's house.
3 Finding Joy's Dress September 25, 2017
Joy goes to Kentucky in search of her perfect wedding dress, but faces some big decisions when there are so many options. Meanwhile, Austin and Joseph spend some bonding time with their future fathers-in-law; and Israel celebrates his second birthday.
4 Joy and Austin's Camping Trip October 2, 2017
Joy and Austin go camping as part of their bachelor and bachelorette weekends. Meanwhile, Joy and Kendra visit a salon to get some hairstyle ideas for Joy's wedding; and Jinger and Jeremy shop for Joy and Austin's rehearsal dinner.
5 Tomboy Joy October 9, 2017
Joy and Austin's wedding day is almost here, so Joy's siblings prepare some special gifts for the happy couple and take a trip down memory lane remembering Joy through the years.
6 Joy and Austin Tie the Knot October 16, 2017
Joy-Anna Forsyth's wedding day arrives after months of planning, and the final touches are added as family and friends come together to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth.
7 Joseph's Wedding October 23, 2017
Joseph and Kendra's wedding day finally arrives, but there may still be a few surprises in store for the happy couple.

Season 7

No. in season Title Original air date
1 In Love in Switzerland February 26, 2018
Joy and Austin finally get to enjoy some alone time in Switzerland after saying "I do". Meanwhile, Joseph and Kendra get their engagement photos taken; and the siblings help Jinger and Jeremy move into their new house.
2 Spurgeon's First Haircut March 5, 2018
Jeremy and Jinger continue to put their stamp on their new home; Joseph and Kendra pick out the groomsmen's outfits; Jessa and Ben finally give Spurgeon a haircut; and Joy and Austin try to make the most of their less-than-ideal living situation.
3 Kendra's Birthday Surprise March 12, 2018
Jinger and Jeremy play host to their friends from NYC; it's Kendra's birthday and she heads to Kentucky to pick out her wedding dress; and Joseph has a big birthday surprise up his sleeve.
4 A New Bundle of Joy March 19, 2018
Joseph and Kendra have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party on a lake with family and friends; Jinger and Jeremy decide to take a shot at coffee roasting; Joy and Austin have some big news to share with the family.
5 Joy Gives Birth March 19, 2018
In this first look, Joy prepares to welcome her first child as her due date approaches. With Austin by her side, Joy goes into labor and gives birth to their baby!
6 Joe and Kendra Say I Do March 26, 2018
The time has finally come for Joseph and Kendra to say I do! there are emotional moments with family and friends as they prepare for their wedding day; when the ceremony begins, a few surprises and mishaps make sure it's a day they won't forget!

Season 8

No. in season Title Original air date
1 It's All Greek To Me! July 30, 2018
Seems like someone has caught Josiah's eye! Josiah asks Lauren Swanson to enter into a courtship, but will she say yes? Meanwhile, Joseph & Kendra go on their Greek honeymoon filled with a thrilling lunch in the sky, a local food tour & paddleboarding.
2 Make Room For Baby August 6, 2018
Joy and Austin check in on Baby Forsyth at their midwife appointment. In Laredo, Jinger and Jeremy go window shopping for a new piano. Joseph and Kendra move into their new home and have a special reveal for the family.
3 Unexpected August 6, 2018
Newly-expectant parents Joseph & Kendra check up on their baby. The little girls record an album in Nashville. Josiah takes Lauren's siblings out for ice cream. While visiting Jeremy's parents at a charity gala, he & Jinger reveal some unexpected news.
4 Jinger and Jeremy's Little Secret August 13, 2018
Jessa and Ben visit a creamery with the kids. Joy and Austin go on a babymoon before their baby arrives. Jinger and Jeremy are in Arkansas and have a special announcement for the family.
5 An Explosive Reveal August 20, 2018
Jinger and Jeremy celebrate their first anniversary, and Jeremy has a very special surprise for her. Josiah is ready to take the next step; will Lauren's dad give his blessing? Later, Joseph and Kendra reveal the gender of their baby in a very explosive way.
6 Josiah Pops the Question August 27, 2018
Jinger and Jeremy's good friends come for a visit, and the expecting couple has a trial run at parenthood. Will they be able to manage three kids under five without any meltdowns? Later, Josiah travels to Georgia to propose to Lauren. Will she say yes?
7 A Birth-day and a Birthday September 3, 2018
The three pregnant sisters are reunited for a big family birthday. Later, Joy goes into labor and after 20 hours, she is transported to the hospital for an emergency C-section. How will Joy and Austin handle this scary change of plans?
8 Thrift Store Date Nigh September 10, 2018
Three couples go on a thrift store date night and choose outfits for theirs partners to wear. With a small budget and a big sense of humor, will someone end up with fashion faux pas? Then, new mom Joy and pregnant Kendra have joint Sip & See party.
9 Lauren Finds Her Dress September 17, 2018
The Duggars celebrate Jana and John-David's 28th birthday with a family ski trip. Meanwhile, Jinger and Jeremy tour a birth center and find out the gender of their baby. Later, Lauren goes shopping for the perfect wedding gown. Will she find "the one"?
10 Jinger's Double Surprise September 24, 2018
Jinger and Jeremy throw a gender reveal party for the family and the family has a surprise of their own for Jinger. Josiah and Lauren celebrate their upcoming wedding with a game giant foosball. Joseph and Kendra welcome their baby boy!
11 Josiah and Lauren's Prank-Less Wedding? October 1, 2018
It's Josiah and Lauren's wedding day, and the happy couple is eager to walk down the isle and finally share their first kiss. But with Josiah being the family prankster and the brothers out for revenge, is the couple prepared for some shenanigans?
12 John-David's Wedding November 27, 2018
John-David and Abbie go back to where their love story began as they get married in Ada, Oklahoma, in front of 1,000 of their closest family and friends.

Season 9

No. in season Title Original air date
1 Love is in the Air February 2, 2019
With the due date near, Jinger and Jeremy get ready to meet baby Vuolo; John-David whisks Abbie away on a surprise trip to ask for her hand in marriage. Jinger's labor takes an unexpected turn.
2 Jinger Has a Baby February 18, 2019
The hills are alive for Josiah and Lauren as they go on their Austrian honeymoon; while there, they re-enact scenes from The Sound of Music and visit with a local family; Jinger worries she won't have the smooth labor she was hoping for.
3 Sleepless in Laredo February 25, 2019
Jinger and Jeremy get a dose of reality as they adjust to life as new parents; Ben tutors the Duggar kids and they must use their math skills to cook a meal for 40 people. Later at dinner, one couple makes a special announcement.
4 Love and Loss March 4, 2019
Jessa, Lauren, Kendra and Jana pair off with some of the little kids and go head to head to create a groom's cake for John-David and Abbie's wedding. Josiah and Lauren's worlds are shaken up when they reveal some tragic news.
5 The Abbie Gown March 11, 2019
In Laredo, Jeremy is on daddy duty as Jinger runs errands; John-David and Abbie's wedding is just around the corner; John and the boys partake in a thrilling competition while Abbie tries on wedding dresses.
6 To Grandmother's House We Go March 18, 2019
John-David and Abbie fly to the Philippines for a mission trip weeks before their wedding; Jinger and Jeremy travel up north so Felicity can meet her great-grandparents; while there, they get a surprise from some very unexpected guests.
7 A Bachelor No More March 25, 2019
John-David and Abbie's wedding is finally here and everyone is in full wedding-mode as they get ready for the big day; at the altar, the bride and groom share their first kiss in an unexpected way; a family member has a very special announcement.

Season 10

No. in season Title Original air date
1 Who's the Most Romantic? October 15, 2019
Jinger and Jeremy go to a conference in L.A.. Back in Arkansas, some of the married couples have a date night competition.
2 The Vuolos Take L.A. October 22, 2019
Jinger and Jeremy explore L.A. with new friends. While hiking, Jinger discusses her decision to wear pants, which is unusual for Duggar women. The Duggar boys' road trip could be the last time they're all together before one of them starts a new courtship.
3 Count Your Blessings October 29, 2019
John-David and Abbie finish their winter honeymoon in Finland. Jinger flies to Arkansas after Grandma Duggar's health declines. Meanwhile, Lauren opens up about her struggles with grief and depression. Later, Jessa and Ben find out the gender of Baby #3.
4 Kendra's Got a Secret November 5, 2019
Kendra surprises Joseph when she finds out she's expecting Baby #2; Jessa recruits her brothers to build a deck for her house before the new baby's arrival.
5 The Great Duggar Campout November 12, 2019
Jinger and Jeremy go house-hunting in Los Angeles; the family goes camping in Arkansas; one couple makes a special announcement.
6 Baby Number Two... but Who? November 19, 2019
Joseph and Kendra visit Jinger and Jeremy in Texas, where they sample some creepy, crawly appetizers. Jessa seeks help from a speech therapist as Henry struggles to learn new words. Joy-Anna and Austin surprise the family by announcing that they are expecting baby number two.
7 Marriage Bootcamp November 26, 2019
Jinger and Jeremy decide to hold a yard sale before their big move to LA. They must put their haggling skills to work and try to sell as much as they can. Meanwhile, the married couples attend a marriage retreat where they focus on their relationships
8 Five Pregnancies and Counting December 3, 2019
Five Duggars are pregnant! The ladies attend a garden party to celebrate. Ben and Jessa take a trip down memory lane five years after their engagement. Josiah and Lauren are concerned when their gender reveal balloon floats away. Jessa goes into labor.
9 A Surprise Delivery December 10, 2019
Jessa goes into labor two weeks before her due date and after the birth, they are faced with an emergency situation. Joseph and Kendra find out the gender of their second baby with a smashing reveal. Then, another Duggar reveals she's expecting.
10 Grandma Duggar Remembered December 17, 2019
The four pregnant Duggar girls and Jessa have a maternity photoshoot and a surprise guest reveals she's also expecting. Jinger and Jeremy prepare for their big move to LA but tragedy strikes when they get devastating news from back home.

Season 11

No. in season Title Original air date
0 Duggars in Quarantine July 7, 2020
The Duggars show how they're coping during the Covid-19 pandemic. From social distancing to empty grocery stores, featuring how this big family's day-to-day lives have changed. Later, everyone comes together for a virtual family fun night.
1 Beverly Hills Duggars July 14, 2020
Jana and Jinger hit up Beverly Hills for some shopping but quickly get some sticker shock when Jinger falls in love with a pricey jacket. In Arkansas, the girls enjoy a mom's day in. They dig deep as they answer questions about pregnancy and motherhood.
2 A Duggar Bachelor Pad July 21, 2020
Jessa and Ben go on their first road trip with three kids, hoping they don't lose any kids along the way. Some of the Duggars go to the Bahamas to help after a hurricane. Jedidiah and Jeremiah show off their bachelor pad. The family competes in a corn maze race.
3 La La Land July 27, 2020
Jinger and Jeremy prepare to start their new lives in LA and take a road trip across the country to get there. Meanwhile, in Arkansas, Joy and Austin grieve the loss of their baby girl. And later, John and Abbie reveal their baby's gender in a big way!
4 The Duggar Dash July 28, 2020
It's hard to decide which Duggar is the most competitive, so they decide to put it to a test. The family splits into four teams and Michelle sends them on an exciting race around town.
5 Still Growing: A Duggar Bachelor Pad July 28, 2020
Jessa and Ben go on their first road trip with three kids, hoping they don't lose any kids along the way. Some of the Duggars go to the Bahamas to help after a hurricane. Jedidiah and Jeremiah show off their bachelor pad. The family competes in a corn maze race. Included: bonus scenes.
6 A Beautiful Miracle August 11, 2020
Josiah and Lauren prepare to meet their daughter as Lauren goes into labor 11 days early.
7 Highs and Lows August 18, 2020
Jeremy plans a big birthday surprise for Jinger; Ben has surgery to fix his eyesight; John and Abbie get parenting advice from Joy and Austin.
8 The Best Duggar Christmas Pageant Ever August 25, 2020
Jana and Jessa organize a Christmas pageant, and the whole family helps.
9 Meet Gracie Duggar September 1, 2020
John prepares for the arrival of his first child by making a special video for Abbie. Abbie goes into labor, but it's deemed a false alarm. After laboring overnight, she and John meet their daughter.
10 From Snow to Sand September 8, 2020
Jinger and Jeremy go on a snow to sand adventure in California; The guys prepare a Dad-chelor party for John; Joy and Austin has some good news.