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Garrett Floyde Ruark (December 7, 1924 - June 18, 2010) is the patriarch of the Ruark family.

He is the husband of Ethel Ruark and the father of their children, Pamela, Freda, Evelyn, Kathie, Garrett Jr., Carolyn and Michelle.


He married Ethel Ruark on April 21, 1943.


The couple had seven children.

Their first child, daughter Pamela Ethel, was born on June 14, 1944. She is married to Jerry Peters and they have four children, Douglas Wayne (b. May 5, 1965), Timothy Dwayne (b. October 17, 1966), William Benjamin (b. November 1, 1971) and Jason Scott (b. December 29, 1976). Doug is married to Theresa Peters and they have 2 children. Timothy is married to Beth Peters and they have 4 children. William is married to Angela Peters and they have 4 children. Jason is married to Kristina Peters and they have 6 children.

Their second child, daughter Freda Louise, was born on October 4, 1948. She died on December 4, 2015. She was married to Thomas Benderman from 1970-1986 and they had three children, Johnnie Melanie (b. May 9, 1964), Leslie Mae (b. June 1, 1966) and Andre Thomas (b. April 16, 1972). Johnnie is married and has 2 children. Leslie is married to Russell Mountain and they have 5 children. Andre is unmarried and has no children.

Their third child, daughter Evelyn Alice, was born on December 27, 1950. She is in a civil partnership with Shannon Callahan.

Their fourth child, daughter Kathie Ann, was born on September 19, 1952. She died on March 14, 2013. She is married to Richard Arnold and they have 2 children, Richard Jr. (b. April 13, 1979) and Laberta Dawn (b. October 29, 1981). Richard is married to Emily Arnold and they have 3 children. Laberta is married to Stan Holowiecki and they have no children.

Their fifth child, son Garrett Floyde Jr., was born on June 26, 1954. He is married to Cindy Ruark and they have 1 child, Erin M.. Erin is married to Rusty Curington and they have 3 children.

Their sixth child, daughter Carolyn Ann, was born on November 21, 1961. She is married to John Hutchins and they have two children, Jonathan Huston and Rachel N.. Jonathan is married to Lyndsey Hutchins and they have 2 children. Rachel is married to Michael Wright and they have 2 children.

Their seventh child, daughter Michelle Annette, was born on September 13, 1966. She is married to Jim Bob Duggar and they have 19 children.