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Kathie Ann Arnold (née Ruark) (September 13, 1952 - March 14, 2013), was the fourth child and fourth daughter of Garrett Ruark and Ethel Ruark.

She was the sister of Pamela Peters, Freda Benderman , Evelyn Ruark, Garrett Ruark, Jr., Carolyn Hutchins and Michelle Duggar

She was the wife of Richard Arnold and the mother of their two children, Richard, Jr. and Laberta.

Early life

Kathie Ann Ruark was born on September 13, 1952, to Garrett Ruark and Ethel Ruark. She was the couple's fourth child and they went on to have three more children after her.

Kathie most likely attended Westwood Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas. She most likely attended Springdale High School.