Lana Swanson

Birth Name:

Lana M.



December 5, 1975 (1975-12-05) (age 44)


Dwain Swanson


David, Daniel, Dustin, Drew & Duke (sons)
Lauren, Lily, Lydia & Lucy (daughters)


Bella (via Lauren)

Other family:

Swanson Family

Lana M. Swanson (born December 5, 1975) is the matriarch of the Swanson family. She is the wife of Dwain Swanson with whom she has 9 children.


Lana married Dwain Swanson sometime before 1999.


The couple has nine children.

Their first child, daughter Lauren Milagro was born on May 18, 1999. She is married to Josiah Duggar. They miscarried a child, Asa, in 2018. They have a daughter; Bella Milagro (b. 2019).

Their second child, daughter Lily was born in 2002.

Their third child, son David was born on July 30, 2003.

Their fourth child, daughter Lydia was born in 2007.

Their fifth child, son Daniel was born in 2010.

Their sixth child, son Dustin was born in 2012.

Their seventh child, son Drew was born in 2014.

Their eighth child, daughter Luci was born in 2016.

Their ninth child, son Duke Matthew was born in February 2018.

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