Lauren Nakatsu (born December 16, 2002) is the second child and second daughter of Kory Nakatsu and Kim Nakatsu.

She is the sister of Katelyn Duggar. She is the half-sister of Jamie Roberts and Reed Roberts. She also has three step-siblings.

Early life

Lauren Nakatsu was born on December 16, 2002, to Kory and Kim Nakatsu. She was the couple's second and last child. Although Lauren was her father's second child, she was her mother's fourth. Lauren has two older half siblings through her mother. After her parents' divorce, Lauren and her sister Katelyn lived with their dad while her two older siblings continued to live with their mother. Both Lauren and Katelyn maintain relationships with their mother and older siblings. They were bridesmaids for their sister's wedding and also attended Kim's wedding in 2019, which gave them three additional step siblings.

At the time of Kory and Kim's marriage, the family was Christian, albeit not involved in the IBLP or ATI. Lauren and her siblings went to public school and participated in a relatively "normal" American childhood.

Sometime in early 2005, Lauren's parents divorced. In 2009, Lauren's father remarried a woman named Kerry.

Lauren went to public school through the 4th grade, until 2012. At that time her father made the decision to pull the girls from school and begin homeschooling them. He cited their desire to be "accepted by the world" as his reasoning.

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