Maggie Ruth Becerra Nino (née Burnett) (born August 2, 1996) is the sixth child and fourth daughter of John Burnett and Cheryl Burnett.

She is the sister of John-Clay Burnett, Hannah Dornink, Caleb Burnett, Abbie Duggar, Charity Wearden, Carinna Penn (twin sister), and Benjamin Burnett.

She is the wife of David Becerra Nino.

Early life

Maggie Ruth Burnett was born on August 2, 1996 to John Burnett and Cheryl Burnett. She was the couple's sixth child, with her twin sister Carinna being their seventh, and they went on to have one more child after them.

Maggie most likely hunted with her family growing up, and also participated in recreational shooting.

At some point while she was young, Maggie most likely participated in a Journey to the Heart, a Christian retreat for teens and young adults to spend time focused on God.

Along with her siblings, Maggie was homeschooled in the Institute of Basic Life Principles program and attended the yearly conferences in Big Sandy, Texas.

Personal life


She met David Andres Becerra Nino on a Christian dating app on April 19, 2020. They met in person for the first time on July 1, 2020.


They got engaged on October 26, 2020.


They got married on March 11, 2021, in an intimate beach wedding.

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